Types of Metals

D2 - commonly used for both kitchen knives and pocket knives. Nice all around, prone to rusting.
D7 / K190 (powder metallurgy version) - A tool metal used in Kinmen (kitchen) knives: made from bombshells that China attacked Taiwan with during WWII. Similar in composition to D2, but with more Vanadium (4%) and more carbon. Not stainless.
K390 (2002) - Stainless version of K190, added tungsten, used in kitchen knives. High wear resistance, moderate toughness. Vanadium!
Vanadis 8 (2017) - Similar to K390, less Vanadium.
10V - Similar to K390, more Vanadium.
14C28N - Used in pocket/folding knives mostly
Nitro-V Steel - Compositionally similar to 14C28N, used in pocket/folding knives mostly
VG10 - the hallmark Japanese stainless steel used in kitchen knives. One of the "Cobalt" steels, with rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Vanadium!


Helps with wear resistance and toughness.

Ledeburitic Chromium Steel

Makes things anisotropic?

Powder Metallurgy

Has a LOT in common with how espresso pucks are prepped. Would like to learn more.